It was surreal to a lot of us. SOLD OUT. The Shed has never had a sold out show. 11 years of Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson, and now we have an official sell out. Proud was an understatement. But let’s be honest, we didn’t make it happen, you guys did.

You guys and Blackberry Smoke. BBS is a band we have had a relationship with for more than 5 years. They first played the Shed in 2009 for $500 in an opening slot for Cross Canadian Ragweed. They killed it. Their 45 minute show was the highlight of the night. And even though Cody Canada and the boys in Ragweed did fantastic that night, everyone walked away talking about Blackberry Smoke. Since then, BBS have become regulars at The Shed. They have played outside, inside, hell, Charlie Starr even played in a Tom Petty Tribute concert one night! 2013 was the last time they were here, since then, the band has exploded. Many felt they had outgrown The Shed, that it was time to move on to bigger and better things… but not BBS.

Blackberry Smoke is a band that knows it’s roots. They are proud of where they came from. And now, together, we accomplished what had never been done, a SOLD OUT show at The Shed.

The weekend was also a birthday celebration for Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson; but let’s be honest, that was overshadowed by something else that organically fell together. That something was called the Brothers and Sisters Reunion.

Blackberry Smoke’s Fan Club is officially called the Brothers and Sisters. And it’s no joke, this rowdy bunch of people truly embrace every member as family. They took hold of this show like something we have never seen. They saw The Shed as the perfect spot to host a reunion and for all of them to get together. We didn’t plan it, we didn’t expect it, honestly, we didn’t know how to handle it! We didn’t have to do anything but let them get amped over this weekend.

Then the craziness started, it began to grow and grow. Suddenly people were coming from not only southeastern states, but from the west coast, Texas, every state you can think of! Then word came in that people were coming from Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia! What started out as the 11th Annual Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson Birthday Bash featuring Blackberry Smoke turned into an International Brothers and Sisters Reunion!

We reacted as best we could and threw together a Pre-Show Party for the Friday before the show. We showed off the Smokin’ Monkey Lounge, watched early BBS bootlegs, and gave the Brothers and Sisters a place to hang out. It was really cool to see between 150 and 200 people hanging out at The Shed on a Friday night. Then Saturday rolled around…

I arrived at 8:30am. The first fan was spotted at 9:30am. Slowly, the Shed began to fill up with fans hoping to get a glimpse of Blackberry Smoke. By 3pm, the place was half full. Soundcheck was like a pre-show; people cheered and screamed as the band ran through two of their most well known songs. After soundcheck, the barricades were removed and people filed in. The first ten rows of people didn’t change from 4pm onward. Diehards, true diehards.

Music kicked off at 7pm. The Southern Drawl Band brought the house down. They really got everyone prepared for what was to come. After they concluded, Blackberry Smoke took the stage to an uproar of applause. They went from 0 to 100 and didn’t slow down. The show was perfectly craft and The Shed truly went up in smoke. Bar sales were crazy, band and dealership merch sales were crazy, and the Brothers and Sisters truly had one of the most epic parties any of else could recall.

I took time near the end of the set to go up on the roof of SMH-D to take some pictures. The scene was amazing. As BBS played full force rock-n-roll, the crowd never let up. They would have stayed all night.

The show concluded, BBS had a quick meet and greet and then they were gone, back to Atlanta to prepare for a trek with ZZ Top. I finally got out of here at 2am. a 16 hour work day that felt like it went by in a flash. What a night…

So to all the Brothers and Sisters, all the fans, all the diehards, thank you. Thank you for our first ever sold out show at The Shed. Thank you Blackberry Smoke, thank you Southern Drawl Band. You guys are the ones that people were paying to see. We were just happy to be a part of it. It was truly the most memorable night The Shed has ever had.

Now, onto the next year. Did anyone else hear a rumor about a two night stand…?