With 2015 in the books, it’s time for The Shed to look back on the year and rank the best concerts! Check out the list below and then tell us your thoughts on Facebook!

10. Unknown Hinson with Texas Tony & The Tornado Ramblers 

The 400 year old hillbilly vampire himself kicks off our list. His show this year was fierce and was capped off by a 2 hour plus autograph signing session inside the Smokehouse. It was truly a blast to witness. And who doesn’t love Texas Tony?

9. Neil Young Tribute Concert

This was something new for The Shed in 2015. We got some of the best local musicians together for a tribute to Neil Young. The Tim Lee 3 led the charge and the entire night was incredible. The audience was definitely left wanting more.

8. American Aquarium with Handsome & The Humbles

This was a fantastic show. Both bands were first time performers at The Shed and they both made great impressions. Handsome and the Humbles is the next big local band and American Aquarium are on the cusp of the big time. The performances were well thought out and exhibited a wonderfully unique sense of artistry.

7. Ray Wylie Hubbard with Brandy Zdan

Rain moved in but it didn’t stop Ray Wylie Hubbard from putting his heart into a great show for those in attendance. He pulled out classic favorites and new cuts to really make the show one for the ages. And his finale with Brandy Zdan and Cathouse Prophets member Scott Maddux was fiery and fun.

6. Drivin’ N Cryin’ & Warrren Hodges with Kelsey’s Woods

It was unanimous, Drivin’ N Cryin’s 2015 performance at The Shed was the best of all their past Shed performances. At some points, it was like the band was on a different plane of reality. You just had to be there to understand. And Kelsey’s Woods was so good that they got the invite to come back later that year and close out The Shed’s season.

5. The Kentucky Headhunters with OTIS

The Kentucky Headhunters were in rare form this past Labor Day Weekend. It was like it was 1989 all over again and the band hadn’t lost even the slightest step. They scorched through classics and new blues licks like it was easy. The Headhunters are always a great show, but this one was a notch above the rest. And OTIS… man, those guys can jam. Word is they will be getting their own headlining show in 2016.

4. Whiskey Myers with Stolen Rhodes

Despite nearly not being able to make it to the show due to bus issues, Whiskey Myers overcame and put on an awesome performance. They arrived way late, threw all their gear on the stage, plugged it in, and launched into their set. No soundcheck, no warm up, just throw and go. And they pulled it off. The show was great and every fan there sang along with every word. And props to Stolen Rhodes, they played an extra long opening set to keep fans happy until Whiskey Myers arrived. Their awesome groove kept everyone happy until the headliners could take the stage.

3. Jason Isbell with Anderson East

What a line-up. Anderson East is up and coming with a huge buzz and Jason Isbell was just weeks away from releasing his new album. Anderson riled up the crowd and then Isbell knocked it out of the park. Isbell led the crowd in a night full of sing-a-longs that included new songs, truckers classics, and most of “Southeastern.” It was truly one of those can’t miss shows.

2. Sturgill Simpson with Cris Jacobs

Sold out, this was the first big show of Sturgill’s “Living the Dream” Tour.  I don’t think anyone expected the night of music that we all were  in store for. Sturgill was surprised at how rowdy and loud the crowd was. They truly had a passion for Sturgill’s music. Multiple times throughout the night, Sturgill stopped singing and let the crowd take over. It was incredible.

1. Blackberry Smoke with Southern Drawl Band

Without a doubt, this sold out 11th Anniversary Birthday Bash for Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson deserves the crown.  The Brothers and Sisters fan club took to the event and made it a reunion. And that was all she wrote. The Southern Drawl Band put on a show that would make this list even if they were the only performers of the night. It got everyone fired up and then Blackberry Smoke came out and put the pedal to the floor. Playing a show that spanned their entire catalog, it was an awesome night for live music and The Shed. Their truly isn’t another band better suited for what The Shed is all about. Smoke somehow satisfied the crowd, yet also left them wanting more. That the mark of an amazing concert.